TalkMarketing provides a wide range of services including Telemarketing and Telesales

What is the definition of Telemarketing / Telesales?

Telemarketing definition is : The business or practice of marketing goods or services by telephone.

Telesales definition is : The selling or attempted selling of a particular commodity or service by a salesman who makes his initial approach by telephone.

How does Telemarketing work?

Have you sent out a letter or promotion and then waited for the phone to ring? Quite simply it won’t… the key to a successful marketing campaign is the follow up call.

TalkMarketing specialises in B2B (business to business) telemarketing which is tailored to your business.  Over the years we have managed numerous campaigns for blue chip organisations and one man bands – it works so long as you target your audience and plan.

The first step is your data. Every company has a database however many do not use it to their advantage.

At TalkMarketing we look at the data and target it so we are talking to the correct decision maker – it is not rocket science, but you will be amazed how many companies do not work in this way.

Dependent on client’s requirements we offer: Cold Calling, Data Cleansing, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Email Marketing, Event Marketing and B2B Telephone Training.  We are a small professional team – not a call centre – that thrives on helping other businesses achieve their goals.

Want to find out how telemarketing can help grow your business contact us on 01424 552329.